Service To Sailors yacht service & support ( Mallorca Ibiza )

Your boat always ready to go,
all year round.

Service to Sailors is based in Mallorca the centre of the Yachting industry.

From here we offer our full Yacht Service and Support to owners, dealers and brokers in and
arround the Balearic Islands. 

We can support you with al your needs, ask us and we will organize it.

Like a weekly washdown, monthly repairs, yearly maintenance or complete refit.

We will take care of your yacht as if it's our own.

Our mission is to get your boat always ready to go.

When you step on board you can immediately start enjoying your yacht.  

Our Mission


Yacht management

We can have an eye on your yacht during your absence.
This consists of general control from the outside and the inside.
Or weekly/monthly guardianship and cleanings,repairs and yearly maintenance.

We can provide you with all your needs.

To make sure you can enjoy your time on board. 

Polishing and cleaning

An important and essential maintenance job to keep the value of your yacht. Salt water and the sun are the enemy of your paint, gelcoat and stainless steel.

Service To Sailors are professional boat cleaners. Polishing and cleaning are one of our specialties.

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Our Services

About Service To Sailors

My name is Mark Bakker, born and raised in the Netherlands and infected with water sports at a very young age.

I've sailed regattas and lots of nautical miles across the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

In 2001 I started working in the nautical industry in the Netherlands and since 2015 we provide our services in and around the Balearic Islands.

Would you like to know more, please get in touch!

Interior Cleaning with SAO
Swann 6

Interior cleaning (Chemical free)

One of the many activities that certainly needs attention.

After all hygiene is very important. Service To sailors is a specialist in chemical free interior cleaning.

Because we love the ocean, we only clean with Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO™) from Tersano 100% chemical free. Find out more.


Do you need a captain our crew ?
We are passionate sailors with experience.

Sailing with your friends or family around  the Balearic Islands? 

Or deliver your boat on the right place to enjoy you stay?

Tell us your needs and we will organize it.

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Delivery Ibiza
Ibiza Sailing Dutchman 2

Some of our projects

Simply enjoy your boat and the great pleasure that comes with it.